About Us

About us
One-Stop Portal For Your Daily Need

From head-to-toe or home to workplace, we need service providers more as compared to our previous lifestyle. We couldn’t live without service providers because our daily needs require different types of service providers ranging from household, vehicle up till personal care. Here in Gunalah, you can source all type of service nearby you.

Eco-System - Enhanced Service Environement

For interested products, we can search via online platforms to deal directly with sellers as well as looking at their sold record & reviews. However, it’s quite challenging for services as we do not know which service provider has great reliability & credibility at a glance. Over here, we offer secured payment & rating system to both user & service provider & eventually uplift the service quality of existing market.

Empowering Local Small Business & Freelancer

Traditionally, we rely and count on family and friends’ recommendations. Even we have a collection of good service providers, their services cannot be seen instantly and shared widely to the users. Most of the service provider pass their skill from one generation to the next and resulted as one-man show. This has even harder for them to showcase their service performance because it takes extra time apart from their routine servicing. It would be great if users can review and share their service experience immediately because user experience is more convincing than marketing advertisement. Through Gunalah, service provider will build their credibility and expand their business from neightbhood market to nationwide, even internationally. We will also empowering freelancer to sell their skill online during free time and unlock the talent pool.

1 Click Service Portal

We hope to help our community by making opportunity to let skilful talents meet their consumers. We hope good service providers can be seen by more consumers. We hope consumers can find reliable service providers faster and easier. 

Together We Use, We Build. Gunalah!