Become Service Provider

Create business profile for free.
Expand your neighbourhood business to nationwide.

BenefitS of Becoming Gunalah Service Provider

Customized E-Store
Build your own company E-Store with stylish profile and list your service to sell online 24/7.
Expand electronic footprints and enjoy direct interaction with customer.
Marketing & promotion
Gunalah will market and promote your services to drive more customers to you for free.
Grow Business Reputation
Gunalah record every of your completed job as well as user reviews to help building your store creditibility.
Good reputation will draw more business opportunity.
Cashless payment infrastructure
Secured and hassle-free online payments to minimise use of cash, payment protection for you & your customers.
Manage Business with Ease
Gunalah provide monthly sales report and accounting tool to digitalized your business.
Dispute management
Gunalah Customer Support & Subject Expert will manage any disputes or complaints from the customers.

How to get started on Gunalah

01. Sign up a user account
Create an account with your email and mobile number.
02. Activate service provider profile
Once you've signed up as user, activate your service provider role under user dashboard by filling up basic business information.
03. Decorate your E-Store and post READY-TO-SELL service online
Equip your profile with qualification, success story, work experience & information.
Promote your service online.