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01. GETTING STARTED as service provider
How do i register a service provider business account ?
To register a service provider account in Gunalah. First you will need to signup as user by providing a valid email address and mobile phone number. Upon successfully signup, go to user dashboard and click on "Become Service Provider" and follow the instruction to fill up the business information. Upon complete and submit your business information, your business profile will activate on Gunalah.  
No, there is no charge for service provider to join Gunalah. Service provider can publish their business information and sell the service online without any admission charge.

In order to help service provider get more user confidence, Gunalah encourage service provider provide business documentation for verification. To do so, simply go to service provider dashboard, click on "Verify Business" and submit required business documentation. Upon review and approve, service provider will obtain a "Verified Business" badge on their business listing.
Service provider can visit their business dashboard and post their service to sell online via "My Service".
In order for user to search your service. You shall mention keyword related with your service in your business "short description". You shall also ensure you have select proper service type in business profile. 

Service provider will received an email notification when there is a customer service request submitted in Gunalah. Service provider shall response to customer service request within 3 days. If not, the service request will automatically cancel.
We encourage service provider to deal within Gunalah so service provider can build user review after every completed job. This job record will stay in your business profile, a business profile with good reputation will help you grow your business in the long term. Also, when dealing in Gunalah, service provider need not to worry late payment or no payment from customer, as payment is made by customer to Gunalah before job start, and payment will release by Gunalah in 3 day after job has completed. 
There is no request format when service provider submitting quotation to customer. It can be PDF, WORD or PICTURE of handwritten quotation. As long as the quotation has written clearly the job requirement. 

Upon service provider completed the job. Gunalah will release the customer payment to service provider appointed bank account within 5-7 working days.
There is no charge on service provider of using Gunalah platform.
We offer all kind of payment facility including FPX bank transfer, Credit / Debit Card, E-Wallet etc.

The fulfillment duration can be vary from different service industry. Service provider and user shall mutual agree a job completion date prior payment made. 

Customer may raise a partial or full refund request if the service was not completed as mutual agreement. Service provider shall discuss with customer and understand the reason of refund request. Service provider shall response to customer refund request (Accept or Reject) within 3 days. If not the system will automatically approve customer refund request.
Once refund request approve by service provider. You shall get your refund within 1-3 working days

When service provider and customer cannot come to a mutual agreement on refund issue and an dispute request has been raise by customer. Gunalah support team will involve and evaluate both party written evidence (document, photo, video) and make a justicable decision for a win win solution.

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